Vicenda's offering focuses on institutional borrowers who are interested in gaining direct access to alternative lending, optimizing their working capital, improving capital costs as well as managing their portfolio of credit lines.

Our ambition is to become the alternative source of choice for institutional borrowers wishing to access financing options during times when traditional lenders scale down or exit asset backed lending business.

We work with corporate clients, trading houses, hedge funds, activist investors and financial institutions. We match their financing needs with investment needs of institutional lenders such as insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, banks, and others.

The lending transactions are typically secured by various types of collateral, including but not limited to:

- Securities (e.g., listed shares, fixed income instruments, etc.)
- Commodities (e.g., energy, base- and precious metals,
soft commodities etc.)
- Real Assets (e.g., solar plants, rolling stock, windfarms,
real estate, etc.)
- Financial assets (e.g., receivables, debt, loans,
leasing portfolios etc.)
- Future production (e.g., prepayment structures)

We are industry agnostic and focus on the quality and liquidity of the collateral. Our transactions generally range from $50-500 million.

Vicenda encompasses origination, structuring, due diligence, execution, monitoring and servicing and is anchored to a network of institutional lenders that provide ongoing demand for asset backed lending opportunities.

If you are an institutional borrower interested in our lending offering please contact us at